Operation Policy

<Operation Policy>


* Purpose

Masangsoft will run all the Services provided by Masangsoft in accordance to the terms of this Operation Policy.


The aims of the Operation Policy are as follows.

(1)To solve any problems that may occur within the Services quickly, precisely, and fairly.

(2)To protect and bring balance, convenience and the right of Users within the service environment.

The Company reserves the right to alter the terms of the Operation Policy if better policies are found.

Any violation of the Operation Policy may result in the user receiving a warning, penalty, limitation in using Account or deprivation of all User authorities in accordance to the applicable paragraph. Masangsoft shall try its best to handle any inconvenience arising out of use of the Services objectively to provide better services.


* General Operation Policy

The Operation Policy is applied to All Services of Masangsoft( http://www.masangsoft.com/).

All Services provided to customers using Masangsoft online and mobile Services are based on this Operation Policy.

Its contents define the best policies to take measures when any incidents regulated in the Operation Policy or any similar incidents occur, and the Company reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change, modify, add or remove portions of this Operation Policy at any time by posting the amended Operation Policy on or within the homepage website.


Regarding anything that is not mentioned in detail in this Operation Policy, general in-game regulations shared by GM and User may be used to judge and handle any incidents.


* Account / Character Name Policy

- Account registration for the game Services produced and distributed by Masangsoft shall be made throughMasangsoftwebsite(http://www.masangsoft.com/).Agreements on Terms and Conditions of Use made during registration are applied to every game of Masangsoft.

- Any details regarding account such as registration and deletion are handled based on the Terms and Conditions of Use of Masangsoft.

- If User deletes Masangsoft account, the User’s all information in game Services of Masangsoft such as character information and item information is deleted.

However, if the User requests for restoration in 7 days after account deletion, the Company shall give the User help.

Restoration of deleted account can happen only once per account, so any account that has already been restored once before shall not be restored again after re-deletion.

If you want to restore your deleted account, send copy of your ID card and account nameto cs@masangsoft.com. (We only need your birth date including year, month, and day, so please cover other important numbers.)

- If you steal social security number of any other person than yourself, your User rights in game Services shall not be guaranteed and you shall be restricted by laws. Thus, please use your own social security number.

- E-mail address is used for in-game convenience and communication between Users and the Company such as various mailing services of help center and event winner contact.

- You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of any password or any personal information you may use to access Materials or areas of the game Services, and you are fully responsible for all interactions with the Services that occur in connection with your password or user name (including, without limitation, all transactions). If any problem occurs by carelessness, account sharing or negligence of the User, the Company shall not help the User, and the User is liable for the problem.

- The Company may request Users for necessary documents when the Company needs to check account information, verify identity of the User, or modify account information.

- In-game character or account name can be created by discretion of Users, but GM team can change or restrict the character name in following cases:

①Use of language deemed to be against common decency, abusive, threatening or slanderous language or language implying threatening behavior which may disgust or scare others

②Use of obscene language or language implying sexual expression( including certain parts of human body )

③Use of slanderous or discriminative language against a specific race, sex, gender, ethnicity or religion

④Use of language which is in violation of any third party rights, trademarks or copyrights

⑤Use of language with the intent to impersonate an administrator or a member of our company with a view to mislead other users

⑥Use of illegal or antisocial language

⑦Use of language showing intent to exchange accounts or other in-game items for anything of monetary value (RMT or Real Money Trade)

- Use of language which is deemed to have intent to conduct transactions for real money

- Use of expressions associated with any soliciting, advertising, sales or websites for real money transaction

- Use of phone number or particular name of region as to be deemed to have intent of real money transaction

- Attempt of account exchange or any transaction with real money, goods or anything of monetary value which is confirmed by in-game documents or data

- Account exchange or any transaction with real money, goods or anything of monetary value, or any report deemed to be such conducts confirmed to be true by documents or data

- Advertising account exchange or any transaction with real money, goods or anything of monetary value, or any activity deemed to be such conducts via chat

- Sales behavior implying real money transaction or with  sell/buying post/chat without mentioning specific item

- Posting meaningless number, phone number, or name of region without mentioning details repeatedly

- Trade or any trial to trade of Masangsoft account or game items with game items of any other game

⑧Use of language which is similar to GM title, or with a view to mislead other users


* Trouble between Users

GM adopts a non-interventionist policy regarding any user trouble and asks users to solve their differences through their own responsibility. However, exceptions may be made by mediation or restrictions if reaching an agreement proves to be difficult, any damage is incurred by other parties, in the cases where the issue threatens the continued running of this service, or the issue violates the operation policy.

GM shall objectively and partly intervene, judge or mediate based on fairness, justice, and coherence in such cases below.

- Use of inappropriate expressions or descriptions implying sexual contents in the game Services

- False report on another User

- Use of abusive, threatening or slanderous language aimed at the GM

- Behavior or any trial to impersonate GM

- Spreading rumors or false information of Masangsoft such as spreading a rumor that Masangsoft or GM is partial to a particular group of Users to other Users or a particular groupa

- Creation of account with false name or information

- Trading or any trial (e.g. request) to trading of all in-game data including and not restricted to accounts and items with commodities which hold real life value such as cash (RMT)

- Commercial trade or any trial to trade of Account and behavior which promote or help commercial trade of Account

- Use of generally prohibited word such as slang and abusive words

- Exploiting or abusing the report system such as reporting false information and overusing in-game report function

- Any behavior to look for or use a method toruin or damage smooth operation of the game Services, stealing another user’s account, and abusing in-game bug on purpose

- Use of slanderous language against a specific nationality, race or religion

- Use of illegal program that may influence the game Services such as inacceptable macro and speedhack

- Posting webpage address or link including program or file which is inappropriate or not accepted by Masangsoft

- Any conduct which interferes with the running of the Service

①Consistent chat window monopoly                                                                                             

②Use of abusive or slanderous language via chat, posting comments or any form of mail

③Use of various types of insulting names including homophone and spelling changed words

④Posting excessive amount in chat window

⑤Posting the same contents consistently

⑥Noncooperation in spite of GM’s caution

- Any other behavior against Operation Policy or deemed to be abnormal by social norms of the Company or Users


* Measures and Restrictions against Inappropriate Users and Conduct

Inappropriate Users refers to Users who act in violation of or engage themselves in acts which may lead to a violation of the criteria stipulated in the Operation Policy. They result in Inappropriate Conduct such asobstruction to normal and fair game play, or damage to specific or unspecific target(s).

- Measures and restrictions are strictly applied according to the criteria below.

- Measures and restrictions with time limitation expire by the time of restriction.

- Repeated conduct or one conduct piled up on another may apply accumulated restrictions to User.

- Depending on the gravity of inappropriate conduct, other restrictions than stated in the list may be given.

- Measures and restrictions are to handle significantly inappropriate conduct in game and homepage website, especially when the conduct is violating the positive law, and in this case, Masangsoft may request the judicial authority for investigationto protect the game Services of Masangsoft and User rights. Also, the Company may demand compensation, which is deemed to be equivalent to the conduct, for damages, or request to punish the User who committed the inappropriate act.


<Hompage website>






Curse/Slander/Excessive Posting/Etc.

Deletion of the conduct

1 day Suspension (Posting)

7 days Suspension (Posting)

Permanent Suspension (Posting)

Commercial advertisement/Commercial Trade

Deletion of the conduct

Deletion of the conduct

7 days Suspension (Posting)

Permanent Suspension (Posting)

GM/Staff (acquaintance) impersonation

Permanent Suspension (Account)




Spreading illegal software/program

Permanent Suspension (Account)




Posting means every message including common post and comment(reply) that you can write on common post.


<Game service>






Account Theft

Behavior to receive any item reported as account theft directly (getting item directly from account reported as a case of account theft), or relevant item for nothing

Permanent Suspension (Account)



Account Theft

(False Report)

False report of account theft

7 days Suspension (Account)



Gameplay Disturbance 1

Any behavior which may disturb another user’s gameplay by attempting exchange / party repeatedly


1 day Suspension (Account)

3 days Suspension (Account)

Gameplay Disturbance 2

Any behavior which may disturb another user’s gameplay causing another user’s displeasure or harass another user by slander, mock, threat or any other similar acts

(If multiple users are victimized and huge damage is put upon healthy game environment and culture, the behavior is considered to be an aggravating circumstance and punished by permanent suspension of account)

1 day Suspension (Account)

3 days Suspension (Account)

15 days Suspension (Account)


Use of language deemed to be obscene, libelous, defamatory, pornographic or abusive or against common decency causing displeasure or disgust (If the offense is minor, caution may be inflicted instead of account suspension, but if the offense is major, the behavior is considered to be an aggravating circumstance and punished by permanent suspension of account)

1 day Suspension (Account)

3 days Suspension (Account)

15 days Suspension (Account)

Excessive or Repeated Posting / Advertisement Posting

Posting excessive amount of messages in chat window or posting the same messages repeatedly resulting in disrupting active communication between Users

1 day Suspension (Account)

3 days Suspension (Account)

7 days Suspension (Account)

Commercial trade of account

Commercial trade or exchange of Account or game-character for real money, goods or anything of monetary value (Suspension of use of all Masangsoft contents)

Permanent Suspension (Account)



Commercial trade attempt

Any trial to commercial trade or exchange of game-item, in-game-currency or any other game-contents for real money, goods or anything of monetary value via in-game communication media such as chat, message, letter, character name, etc.(If attempts stated above or advertisement for the attempts are for business, the behavior is punished by permanent suspension of account)

1 day Suspension (Account)

3 days Suspension (Account)

Permanent Suspension (Account)

Commercial trade

Commercial trade or exchange of game-item, in-game-currency or any other game-contents for real money, goods or anything of monetary value (If attempts stated above or advertisement for the attempts are for business, the behavior is punished by permanent suspension of account)

1 day Suspension (Account)

3 days Suspension (Account)

Permanent Suspension (Account)


Fraud or any other intentional behavior for getting game-item, in-game-currency or any profit unfairly

30 days (Account)

Permanent Suspension (Account)


Fraud attempt

Any trial to fraud or any other intentional behavior for getting game-item, in-game-currency or any profit unfairly (For GM or staff impersonation, the primary punishment is permanent suspension of use)

1 day Suspension (Account)

3 days Suspension (Account)

Permanent Suspension (Account)

Illegal software/program

Use of malicious and illegal software/hardware like cheat engine that may overload server, or change contents, server, or IDC of the game Services, which is a major influence, ending up disturbing normal and stable gameplay of another user

Permanent Suspension (Account)




Behavior to influence the contents of the game Services by using illegal software / hardware like automatic hunting program (including but not limited to item acquisition and movement interference)is accepted by the system or continues, and no answer or wrong answer is given to GM’s continuous questions for 5 minutes

1 day Suspension (Account)

15 days Suspension (Account)

Permanent Suspension (Account)


Involved unintentionally not recognizing bug(minor) /obstacles for abusing (restore or return experience point(EXP)/item, etc. before bug usage)

15 days Suspension (Account)

Permanent Suspension (Account)



Intentional or repeated use of program bug/obstacles for abusing, knowing their existence and purpose and influencing the system or game economy severely (Suspension and deletion of related items simultaneously)

Permanent Suspension (Account)



False alarm / Management obstruction

False report, intentional disturbance of game operation of GM or any behavior that may result in setback


3 days Suspension (Account)

7 days Suspension (Account)

Inappropriate names

Creation of inappropriate name that may hurt healthy game environment and culture or violate relevant laws or social order (The name of guild, pet. private store phrase, character, etc.)

1st Caution (Induce to change within 7 days)

2nd Caution (Induce to change within 15 days)

Permanent Suspension (Account)

Commercial usage of game service

Use of game service for real money, goods or anything of monetary value by using illegal program (including BOT) and workplace using VPN

Permanent Suspension (Account)



Unauthorized use

Assumption of unauthorized use of game services and account with another person’s identity (Release if identity confirmation is possible and finished)

Temporary Restriction in Use




- You and the company agree that the company has right to limit activities in correspondence to any game flow violation.

You have at least three days to negotiate any dispute, with an exception of an immediate situation, before the prior notification of evidence from the company. Without an appeal, disciplinary action validates from the day it was notified.

The policy applies to all consumers, but expressly excludes to those who are limited immediately by giving one week to negotiate.

When the company concedes regards to the appeal, compensation shall be governed by the compensation policy.

-  You may screenshot or secure the evidence of disorderly customers and report to our customer service -> report center. Limitations may be implemented after the verification.

- Report without evidence cannot be reported to our system.

- Modification or alternation of evidence may be subjected as imposing restrictions.


* System (Bug) Abuse

Masangsoft prohibits abusing any of our system error. You must report to GM immediately upon encountering system related problems (bug, account plagiarism, illegal program).

GM accepts all types of report on bug and informant shall be compensated accordingly. Compensation depends within the GM team with conformity.

If you do not report bugs and abuse or distribute the bugs to others, system will automatically detect and limit account without a warning. The character maybe prohibited or deleted by GM.

-Distributing bugs to others without notifying GM.

-Obtaining benefits inappropriately via bug (system error)

-Obtaining EXP, items illegally with bugged effect of wrong item, skill, or ability.

-Abusing the system through wrong use of NPC

-Manipulating system error intentionally to give damage to other users.



* Restoration Operation Policy

① Disadvantage in account may be applied if recovery report is verified as false statement.

② Recovery report must be descripted with the character itself. Dispute report against other character does not proceed.

③ Item and Character recovery must be reported within 5 days of occurrence, when 5days elapses, the recovery is difficult due to lack of information of identification.

 ④ Restoration does not apply on following situation: exchange in item or account for cash, transaction between different servers within Masangsoft games, and transfer in various games. Above must be reported to cyber police.

Company only provides formal document via cyber police or equal institution. (We do not cooperate on individuals or miscellaneous institutions)

⑤ Applications follow in order of implemented and may take up to 7 days depending on restoration progress and external requisite.

⑥ Company is unable to assist with consumers’ own mistake, shortfall of understanding the policy, or damage that was previously announced by GM via webpage.

- Item Restoration Subject

① You can restore item loss according to server deficiency or other external factor with evidence

 ② Item restoration must be reported within five days of occurrence. Reports later than five days are excluded from the subject.

- Character Restoration Subject

①You can restore character loss according to server deficiency or other external factor with evidence

Restoration process is recovered through recent back up data, therefore alternation of item and EXP may occur.

② Character restoration must be reported within five days of occurrence. Reports later than five days are excluded from the subject.

③ On the event of character deletion due to user’s mistake, the deleted character may be restored within the grace period of 7 days. Reports later than 7days are excluded from the subject.

 - Item and character restoration exceptions.

① Technical Issues with unknown occurrence cause such as internet circuit problem or backup are excluded from restoration subject.

② Item sold on NPC for both accident and intentional, is restored once a year.

③ Item discarded (dropped) is restored once a year.

④ Regular combination item process (consolidation / smelt /combination) is excluded from the restoration subject.

⑤ Items created using illegal, unauthorized programs or copied bugs cannot be restored.

 ** Item gained from the illegal activity shall be taken away by GM.

-  Company can assist with exchange of unusual Item, but if tem is remained or expendable GM will collect and assist you further. Company cannot assist you with other circumstances.


* Transaction Dispute Modifying Service.

What is Transaction dispute service??

Transaction dispute service is for users who received damages by unknown item movement or impersonation of GM or staff. Masangsoft will do best to minimize the damage through adjusting the transaction dispute.

Following can be included for disputes transaction dispute service:

Impersonation of other character or guild

② Impersonation of similar ID, GM or staff

③ Dispute with distinct assailant and a victim

Following cannot be included for disputes transaction dispute service

① Disputes using items → includes difference between market price

Fraud using cash transaction

③ Disputes with no details

④ Loss from investigation of transaction service

How to report transaction dispute service

You can report as below if you have received damage regarding transaction dispute.

Method of report

Access each game page of Masangsoft →Customer Center → Web Q&A

You must attach screenshot file as evidence when reporting via website


② Transaction dispute service report form

Title   Transaction dispute service report

Content Date of Occurrence → YYYY/MM/DD/Time

Character name of assailant and victim → Hong Gil Dong, Kim Young Yoong

Damaged Item → Name of damaged item is ○○○○.

Breakdown of the transaction damage → Impersonation via ○○○○ gave me damage.

For more details please refer to the screenshot attached.

 Transaction dispute service period

Web report must be reported within five days of item loss. Reports later than five days are exempted from transaction dispute service subject. Report investigations take maximum of 14days.



* Account Hack Cases

What is Account Hacking?

Account hacking is defined as illegal or unauthorized accessing of other player’s account in order damage any facet of the original user’s account.

Users are liable for the security of their account and expected to never share, exchange, or transact information of account. It would be difficult for company to assist on these individual responsibilities.

Users are expected to take responsibility on their password, computer virus, and usage of computer on public.

What if my account is hacked?

Should any player find out that they were hacked, or doubt that they are hacked, they should immediately submit a report to “account hacked report center.” Company will try best to minimize the damage of hacked account and get back to track as soon as possible.

① Account report is limited to account user. Therefore, when reporting hacked account, user must follow “user confirmation process” to fully report. User is granted with 7 days to confirm and if not, report automatically is cancelled.


② Users shall be granted 7days grace period after their discovery of hacking to report their case. Reports of hacking after 7days may be denied support.

③ When report is submitted accordingly, company may block the account in case of expansion of damage for a limited time. The statement follows:

-  Victims’ account: Account that is damaged by hacking, who reported accordingly as the company requested.

-  Perpetrator’s account: Account that used victims’ account illegally, or gave damage.

 - Related account: Account possessing victims’ content (item, game money, and others) or having records of having it. Exchange or transaction with perpetrator’s account also applies.