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Your Privacy Matters to Us


Welcome to Masangsoft. Your privacy is important to us.

1. General Provision

Masangsoft and its affiliates ("Masangsoft", “us”, “our” or "we") are dedicated to protecting the privacy rights of our users ("users" or "you"). This Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) describes the ways we collect, store, use, and manage the information, including personal information, that you provide or we collect in connection with our websites, including (the “Sites”) or any Masangsoft game provided on a mobile platform (for example, iOS and Android)(collectively, the "Service"). We reserve the right to change this Policy at any time. If we decide to change this Policy, we shall post those changes on the first page of the website and the service and update the date at the top of the page. The changes shall be effective when posted. Please check this page on a regular basis so that you remain aware of what information we collect and how we use it.



2. Agreement on Collection of Personal Information

1. Users canchoose between [I agree] and [I disagree] to show their opinions on our privacy policy, terms of use, and other service policies. Information of users who agreed is used for them to play our games.

2. Users can disagree with collection of personal information. However, users who do not offer a minimum amount of information required for game service can be limited to have full service.



3. Information Collection and Use

Masangsoft collects information as described below. Masangsoft’s primary goals in collecting and using information is to create your account, provide Services to you, improve our Service, contact you, conduct research and create reports for internal use. We do not use information for any other purposes than goals in collecting and using information stated above unless required by law.


<1> User Content Uploaded by Users

“User Content” means all the material and information that you upload. When you sign up on the website, we collect your information (ID, nickname, social network account, email address, and i-PIN).


<2> User Content Collected During Pay Service

Owner information of payment methods, credit card information, bank account information, cell phone number, phone number, PIN number, gift card ID/password, and information of legal guardian of minors for purchase agreement

Information below can be created and collected while using our service.

- IP Address, cookies, visiting date and time, service use record, malfunctioning record, payment record, PC information


<Other cases where additional collection of personal information is needed>

When other personal information than information stated above is needed to be collected while you use our service, we notify you and get your agreement. For example, if we need to collect your new personal information or your location information when you use mobile service such as location-based services, we notify you and collect your information only when you agree.


 • Collection method: Homepage website (Sign Up)



4. Collection and Utilization Purpose of Personal Information

We use information collected through our Service for purposes described in this Policy or disclosed to you in connection with our Service. For example, we may use your information to:


• create game accounts and allow users to play our games;

• identify and suggest connections with other Masangsoft users;

• operate and improve our Service;

• understand you and your preferences to enhance your experience and enjoyment using our Service;

• respond to your comments and questions and provide customer service;

• provide and deliver products and services you request;

• send you the related information including confirmations, invoices, technical notices, updates, security alerts, and support and administrative messages;

• communicate with you about promotions, rewards, upcoming events, and other news about products and services offered by Masangsoft and our selected partners;

• enable you to communicate with other users; and

• link or combine it with other information we get from third parties, to help understand your preferences and provide you with better services.


5. Destroying Procedure and Method of Personal Information

The Company in principle destroys personal information of the User without any delay once the purpose for collecting and using personal information has been achieved.

The destroying procedure and method of personal information shall be as in the following. When we accomplish our purpose of collection and use, we destroy the information without promptly.

However, we retain following information during stated period for following reasons.

a. By Masangsoft's internal policy

- Abuse record

Reason: To prevent abusing

Period: 1 year


b. By relevant laws

We retain user information during certain time period decided by the relevant laws if required by regulations such as act on the consumer protection in commercial laws and e-commerce. In this case, we use the information only for the purpose of retaining, and retaining period is as below.


- Contract or subscription withdrawal record

Reason: Act On The Consumer Protection In The Electronic Commerce Transactions, Etc.

Period : 5 years


- Payment or product supply record

Reason: Act On The Consumer Protection In The Electronic Commerce Transactions, Etc.

Period : 5 years


- Complaints or conflict record

Reason: Act On The Consumer Protection In The Electronic Commerce Transactions, Etc.

Period : 3 years


- Identification record

Reason: Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.

Period : 6 months


- Visiting record

Reason: Telecommunications Security Protection Act

Period : 3 months



6. Process and Methods of Information Disposal

In principle, we dispose of personal information of users promptly when the purposes of collection and use are achieved. Process and methods of disposal are as below.

a. Process

Information uploaded by users to use service (e.g. sign-up) is moved to a separate DB(filing cabinet if the information is in form of paper) after the goal is achieved, stored for a certain time period according to internal policy and relevant laws to protect information (refer to retaining and using period), and disposed.

Personal information is not used for any other purposes unless required by laws.

b. Methods

- If information is written on papers, it is disposed by a shredder or incinerated.

- If information is saved in form of electronic file, it is deleted by using technologies preventing records from regenerating



7. Personal Information Management (Read, edit, delete, etc.)

1. Users can check, edit, and renew their own personal information anytime. You can read and edit personal information at ‘My information’. Also, you can delete personal information by clicking [Delete my account] at ‘My information’ anytime. If you delete your account, your personal information shallbe completely deleted unless retaining period is determined by laws.

2. If a user tells us that he/she wants to read, edit, or delete his/her own personal information, we take applicable measures promptly after user identification. Also, if the case comes under each subparagraph of Article 21(AgreementCancellation and Revocation) in terms of use, you can contact personal information manager by writing, phone call or email and ask to dispose personal information, delete user account ID, stop service, etc. at the discretion of the manager.

3. Masangsoft can notify you following information to answer your inquiries under this article. We may require you certain documents to identify you with the owner of the information.

(1) Itemization and contents of personal information

(2) Purposes of information collection and use

(3) Processing and retaining period of personal information

(4) Information transfer to affiliated entities or to other third parties

(5) Agreement and contents on personal information treatment



8. Installing/Operating Automatic Collection Equipment regarding Personal Information and Matters against the Collection

A cookie is a small text file that we transfer to your computer and/or device, to identify a user's computer/device and to "remember" things about your visit, such as your preferences or a user name and password. Information contained in a cookie may be linked to your personal information for purposes such as improving the quality of our Service, tailoring recommendations to your interests, and making the Service easier to use.  You can disable cookies at any time, although you may not be able to access or use features of the Service.

a. Purpose for using cookie in the computer

- We use cookies to analyze our services and patterns of users' usage, and provide membership service.

b. Installation/operation of cookie & the refusal thereof

- Members have the option to install cookie, therefore they can allow all cookies by opting on the web-browser, request to confirm whenever cookie is restored, or refuse all cookie installation.

- However, there could be difficulty in using certain services requiring log-in if you block all cookies.

- How to decide whether to allow installation of cookies or not (In the case of Internet Explorer)                                                                                      

① Click [Internet Options] on [Tools].

② Click [Privacy] tab.

③Set the slider as you want.

Masangsoft use cookies to find information of ID to provide users with more proper and useful service. Cookies tell users' computers but not users individually.



9. Technical/Managerial Measures regarding Personal Information Protection

Masangsoft takes reasonable measures to protect your information from unauthorized access or against loss, misuse or alteration by third parties.

a. Password encryption

As Masangsoft member’s account password is restored through encryption, only the relevant member can recognize it. Confirmation and modification of personal information are possible only by the account owner who knows the password.

b. Hacking prevention

The Company is frequently conducting backups to prepare for any damage regarding personal information. With the latest vaccine program, it endeavors to prevent the member’s personal information from leakage or damage caused by computer virus etc. Also, the Company has opted for security program so that personal information can be transmitted safely on the network.The Company in order to prevent personal information from spill, controls illegal access from outside by utilizing intrusion blocking system (ie. firewall), and is committed to installing all technical equipment as much as possible to secure other system safety.

c. Staff limitation and training

The Company shall limit the accessing authority to staff carrying out personal information management tasks such as person in charge thereof etc., grant a special password for this renewing it regularly, and at all times through training with personal information handling staffs, emphasize the relevant compliance with the Privacy Policy.

d. Operation of personal information protecting organization

Also, Masangsoft checks implementation of the Privacy Policy and status of staff compliance by operating an internal communication security organization to make sure that we can fix issues promptly when they occur.


Apart from the Company’s endeavors as aforementioned, the members should be careful to not disclose personal information such as the member ID and password on internet or to any other party. If such ID and password etc, have been disclosed due to negligence or carelessness of the member, the Company is not liable for any damages inflicted upon the User whatsoever.


10. Rights of Minor User and Legal Agent

(1) Masangsoft obtains agreement from legal agent (parents) when collecting personal information of children under the age of 14 (“children,” or the “child”).

(2) We send the legal agent an e-mail or an agreement form for the legal agent to indicate agreement or approval and send it back to us via e-mail or so.

(3) To get the agreement or approval stated above, we may ask the child for personal information of the legal agent such as name, contact, etc., and we do not use the collected information of the legal agent for any other purpose than confirmation of agreement, or share the information with 3rd parties.

(4) Agreement paper filled by the legal agent is used to deal with issues like consumer complaints and conflicts when events such as agreement between minor and Masangsoft, purchase cancellation, payment, product supply, etc. occur.

(5) Members and legal agent may at any time search and modify personal information of member / children under 14 years old, and request the membership cancellation (ie. withdrawal of agreement).

(6) When users require us to correct errors in personal information, we do not use or provide the information till the error is completely corrected. Also, if wrong personal information is already provided to 3rd parties, we shallnotify them the corrected version of the information promptly.



11.Managing Supervisor and Person in Charge of Personal Information

The Company designates the relevant department and managing supervisor of personal information as below :


Person in charge of managing personal information

Name :Taeho Kim

Department :Game Service Team

Position :Center Manager

Tel :+82-51-664-8731



You can report to the person or department in charge of personal information management with respect to all complaints on personal information protection, which has occurred by using the Company Service. The Company is committed to fast and satisfactory reply regarding such matters.


If reporting or consultation regarding personal information infringement is required, please contact organizations below:

- Personal information infringement report center ( / 82) 118)

- ePrivacy Mark Certifying Committee ( / 82) 02-580-0533~4)

- Internet CrimeInvestigation Center, Supreme Prosecutors’ Office ( / 82) 02-3480-2000)

- Cyber Terror Response Center, Korean National Police Agency ( / 82) 02-392-0330)



12. Sharing and Provision of Collected Personal Information

1.Masangsoft obtains agreement from members if we provide member information to 3rd parties. The Company shall use personal information only within the limit of “Collection and Utilization Purpose of Personal Information”, neither exceeding the standard nor sharing with other organizations or other people; Provided that the below events are exception.

- If any member provides a prior consent in terms of provision and sharing with the 3rdparty

- If any member did anything against the laws or policies of Masangsoft (terms of use, rules, etc.), and government agency requires for the purpose of investigation according to specified procedure and method under the relevant laws and regulations

2. Masangsoft can provide or share personal information of members with affiliated entities or to other third parties for business such as customizing service. However, when we provide personal information to those organizations or share information with them, we ask members for agreement notifying the name of the affiliated entities or third parties, purposes of the affiliation, the sharing range of personal information, and how long it shallbe protected and managed. If a member does not agree with sharing, we do not provide or share the member’s information with any affiliated entity or third party.

3. If any member reports issues regarding mobile/ARS payment, or Mobile/ARS payment mediation center requires regarding similar issues, we may give information such as name, birth date, and cellphone number of members to Mobile/ARS payment mediation center to the extent required to solve the issue.

- Mobile/ARS payment mediation center (

- Tel : 82) 02-563-4033, 4012



13. Commissioning Agreement of Personal Information

Masangsoft is not commissioning any contractor/outsourcing company to provide our service.

In the future, as it may become necessary, we shall clarify and stressinstructions for personal information protection, prevention of information leakage, and responsibilities in case of accident in the contract of commissioning.



14. GDPR

  General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR) enters into force in the EU. The GDPR aims primarily to give individuals control over their personal data and simplify the regulatory environment for businesses by unifying the laws within the EU. When the GDPR takes effect, it is directly binding and applicable in all EU countries.

  The GDPR affects all EU customers, as well as companies located in the EU. As Masangsoft has members who are located in the EU, we want to make sure that it provides all players with the rights that the GDPR introduces, e.g., we will inform you about how we are using your data in detail in our new version of the Privacy Policy, we will provide you with the copy of your personal data or delete your account (together with the personal data about you) upon your request.

  If you are playing from outside of the EU, then besides the GDPR, we also respect the rights granted to you with regard to your personal data under the applicable laws. At the same time, we also provide you with the rights that the GDPR stipulates. It is your choice to which extent you want to exercise them, and the rights do not create any additional obligations for you.

  Also, you will be able to object to the processing of your personal data. You will be able to express your objections by submitting a ticket HERE and we will pass it to the competent department for proper reaction.



15. Duty of Notification regarding Policy Change

When any contents of the current Privacy Policy are added, deleted or modified, we shall give notice at least 7 days prior to the enforcement of the revised version, by displaying the modifications on ‘Notice’ at the Homepage website.

• Notification date: 18th May, 2018

• Enforcement date: 25th May, 2018